All want

I am writing this poem to resolve the shortcomings.

There arrives a let-go and arrival.

Love arrives and not a word about
the past goes by

Amounts necessary

Written happened then fine, just fine.

Should have met, could have met, lovely day anyway.

It breaks down and more night could be done.

Love remains and dispute fills in in

Amounts necessary


Love wetly

What you want to will wills going good as well as great.

The days uplift grandly, spun lovely, great day ahead!

Great days ahead!

Lovely wetness.


Drawings of horses

Potent put arrival lovingly

Some hope gathering



This makes perfect


Hold that smiling accomplishment

Bright laze in the last shine comes


Don't read that searching

Love the gap between



By side

Lovely look down possible in front of me

Broken cool love means more rapid



There fits a going to make

Longs for corrections, leaving

For corrections lightly

This magic is smaller
And smaller.

Until there is onward

Awaiting in taking against

This finishes on time

Can't I

Back to the

To refine on

Acceptance in what has and will

Doing the right amount of I can do this onward

Time we go for more, time we will be there

Regardless it wills to work

Though they wish to be

Going though

It accumulates, bad and good

Both going till onward


Other countries

Put in fractioned

Up goes the days means

The love is in the putting off
The onward indulgence.

Remember this.
Remember this. Country.

Put. Be

Smile when it's not answerd with joy that it is joy from where you are

To where it is
There is

Great fractioning, loving the others

In smaller and therefor more fractions in day

Love a fall, but more the coming back up conscious

When to stop. It's when to change motivating direction

Better put


Not not!

Love tender idea journey
Impulse instinct why

Call me when you

There is found

Careful touch

O this comes together,

O that it is, many people
Thinking many good things



The Capital is waiting!


And it wills done

What was

It comes on justly now and revolves

Turn me along and on

Light before touch then heavy

Falling eventual complete

Joy leveling journal joy

If if wasn't for others love I'd have none

Repeating phrase in a song and relinquish

Haha what?


Worried wait longs for touch, touch resolves forgive me my unknown

This is what fills relax hesitant many come out and get on down longing love

One less day of giving it to my nose is touching possibility of together.
Enough is wait full today tapping completion gathered waits there




My love here is thus.


You will it today for absence

It comes back better going revised as well as a realization of waiting dies

These longer borne days uplift greatness awaits the tip top of realized

It goes along, not doing, but eventually falls to uplift surmise

Many fancy words come out before fixing it along.

Come out! Be here, with this in the act of taken in wind arrival eventual

There isn't a day that passes without a passing and never knows

And never follows knowledge goes out for more and means

Am I hungry and for what arrives, going down against revision
Going down to only uplift the joy happening love broken.

Do you even think it would be good, would you even think otherwise

Of release, of completion, of on time releasing relief

Eventual night

Conflict I heard replaced by happy sounding tapping

Were  there ghosts, and we're none the wiser

It shouldn't be doing this broken

It goes and there was better

Love this I plead,

Love this needing revival
Of the future accomplishment

Of this waiting mistake eventually resolved

The day waits for completion and fixes along the way

Make it up, today

Longing resolves wanting as well as waiting

Revision suprize late night mystery

good long joy noticing

There was and again is a day

There has been and will be accomplishment

The neighbors are nice, some have dogs
Some have cats and they are all generous

And the coolness of the day reclines me

And the hope replaces the dismissal

Where were we going?  Who were we?

It matters like the breeze through branches

It's an honor to see that and move forward

Only after good long joy noticing


help is first

uplifting love hope loves hope

too happy to take serious

why would you

take it easy


inner world wisdom

that tree is alive, the leafs are different

plants with no need or meaning

ride drink

great going good zeitgeist haste

swish the sweet cool day pretty

love comes back to resolve it

slow slow slowly


touch you nose

just do it

I swear

but don't need


rich to balling


love of poor
to rich

rich to poor

poor to rich

love love



non fiction

nip of the truck ride novel

many things made about me.

many things about me made.

repeating the good sayings.

lights in strings all about.

nostalgic revery forgot it.

this is where needs being.

good god level out joys.

pink when old in doubt.

hesitations level out.

it comes back.

real vision.

spice in my hand

leaning into the everpresently glossy.

coming back revised of elephants of wax.

familial radio smashed into taste the rainbow.

this is coming together sandcastle

came out so unexpectedly that it resolved everything

there's a laugh.  wait for another.  come together.

joy comes to mind and blots out the bad time past.

falsetto filling melodically the sabbath around me.

going on means figured out.  good that you figured
them out that's pretty impressive that you did that.

this is coming together sandcastle.



phone house

bed table


steady ache the wait releases with or without intake.
gaze at a day in whole at night by wall and be new.

the release comes at a time expected.

leveling out later goes the waiting.
never leaves the escape, this means the few.

wait out the mistake, power through this.
it closes in on time and releases wrong.

then there comes a finger tap.
then no more relief conditions.

very far away it is different.

heaven left the door ajar.

steady out lying down.
it steadies out standing.
it steadily steadies in.
and then the great go upward again.
then the downer goes outward again.

and this all in the action of leveling out.

here is that that isn't there.



grid globe

life is long you who hear this

the coming on is longing

and it fits.

going faster now, it's right

and it fits.

the longing guides these

days hit like water bursts
when getting up on skis

hey hey it doesn't last

held on cool breeze

doors doors

floors floors

custom ceilings and floors

concept development


seed duct

standing up

this is the best,


others input


puts out

city blue going

put up speed up

fits right now

goes justly


sounds feelings

just about ready

all is about ready

the day flaps

gaze steady

realized go

woman bars




load lips fill

no room


work cool?

we will that we will get by

bee sting dream wins

story telling



river forever derivative

water water water water

chuckle amidst repeating.

three sixteen

the wind on this trees of inadequate means

love the going lovely means me and me

great globe to globe means, sending

leaves going better than me then me

trees houses streets beauty found

inspired good going great

message more than


symbol of welcome

many things fixed in place

backsliding sent revision.

bright fix up yellow good

in and up into bright and

low and comes back till

it revises and arrives

so lovely lonely


coded come home

don't you know I live by the ocean!

screamed into phone in dream by

storm, my landscape but with

water, ocean, and higher.

three praying mantices

the three diss

in a garden

never mind this nothing
until it matters

which is daily
throughout days


been away silently fixing nothings

breeze in the trees idea that leaves

it comes on slowly, these moments

a leaf pulled apart with aesthetic laze

hands holding back of head hair

the motion of release,
the coming back to task.

trees again.  breeze again. 

great release come on swift!

days relax for longing.