On words

We will to begin this amounting

And receding and flow of finding

It bellies and bounce Flip spin hopes

And hope! And hope that it amounts

And great! Good going on that going



Prior pineapple

Newer Yorkshire

The breeze leaves add up until awesome.

Many people, many things twisted yet functional.

There becomes believing, there becomes.

Love! Yet again love sand castle

Gains! And amounting!
And love love love



Hope held loosely
Others help hope

Held up to hope

Fixing till stability

Longing? What desire, what want so ready it stifles life's essence of hope

Blind hope? Consequences. Blind faith, blind drawings blind hope

Leaving never hope, finds place, falls in, fills, moment of ok

Moment of ok into sleep of days made right in the breeze through sleep and time.
And times joy, and they arrive, some that matter do
and there is enough for a time.

Held up till hope

Fixing to stability


Actually there was a time before fire

This permitting appropriately frat party memory trigger.

There are many people and things to do, yes, and they
Come together and make happy.

The haphazard moment in, the lapse of nights before.

There is amounting, there! Amount to amounting.

Improvised night before the large fire

Improvised phones of fathers
Before fire.