Tangent three

Poetry is what wills to be done when nothing else is willing

The wait manifests moments saved and recalls spending

Time amounts and this grows visit love of familial growth

This boat, this smaller boat, this transport to another

Moment of supplies, moment of how it's done, love

Moment of brother amounting love faltering go

To another late, in life not night
And amount to many millionaires
And amounting to inevitable 

Break down till up
Break up till down

If more time, if
Love conquer

If love amount
Fill amount

Gain uplifting possible talent tapped and supported and spread and a new outfitting

Change, fall gain fixing this fall uplifts and fits the next fitting love gathering fix
Amount love, filling time with the ease faster than never nothing else and when

This is down

This is done

Tangent two (Dance of the black squirrel)

Tips breaks but fixes eventual all can-do

Mouth of fills a great gain amounting comfort fixing faster

Mouth fills fixed amount, fills days next always fits in in meeting in uplifting fixing this
Stop love gain fixed yacht gain fills gain of amounting love, and fixed and fitting, telling you love, telling you faster, it's done it's impious it's a figure of all learned to improvise connect love visit cold as an arctic dip, warm as a boat top down in the middle of sun and water.

I bet she fixes love, I bet this gateway of love come back and fill his love going on and on tapping
Tapping in

Tapping into love,
Into fixing and filling time with the what's next for little ones growing inevitable love complexly

Apartment fills till out
Till out

Till out

Till out until and love meaning me joy gain.

Moment fill love fixing and lining joy with

With this, with this connecting spread love

Filling joy do this, reconnect and do do do

Go go go, dogs insights and mounting.

Dance of the black squirrel.

Tangent one

This next day, this filling wills gain

This amounting falls gain of reconnecting love fits gain fits this moment in nothingness

Stop end feel nothingness

Stop end do it daily

Let it control 
Let in filling

Let in filling
Goes great till break

And awake, and intake

And possible 

Next days 
And possible 

And needs more
And always gets
And gives, does it

Give this taking in nothingness

Love at nothingnesses center of no space no everything yet everything no everything
Yet everything grab on and let's me give back channel growth from fitting where it fits

Joy comes in later inevitable. Inevitable joy. Remember inevitable joy.

Remember inevitable joy. Inevitable joy.

Inevitable joy.



Wait out 'till meeting many things made by people from a person

Read write look draw listen sing

And think less and less 'till what is wanted comes out in anything

And the days amounting,
And the days amounting!

I'm grateful forward

I'm singing leading
Me down 'till  up

And in it is

And is it in

Never  not
Having enough

Becomes another into
Another day begins sing:

Last time is lesser than next time

And as a smile turns head to a bigger smile bursting into audible joy,
they leave before us making way for us passions prior, into reclines.

What wills fullness  like this past in.  Where becomes hear or read that fills couch.
Head of lap again, American again and middle west and Great Lakes from space

Boat again soon weather wills always, boat again soon wills until water wraps itself around 
Boat again soon water will hold back fire, a fire for elsewhere, a fire for lack of water but eventual



Period of day sun

Love warms reflecting onwards gaze

The moments add up until finish.

But joy!  But what of joy?


Exclaiming, joy, uplifting and speeding the slow and slowing the fleeting.


Sprinting Correctly

Brother sister blame

Come around and arise

To no embarrassed sight love mistake

Heard and not heard love fixing finger

Love blame fixes tomorrow many things fall

And place love joy cry realize sky distant day

Nothing could do more fixing love arrive well


Sprinting correctly



For the hum of New York

For the hum of New York



Return arriving


Off set


Step Show

Square pockets, many receding and advancing and expanding.

Hurt temperament danger of forgetting never just right daytime.


The right pace.

There's people here people who


The top of the stairs

Fills finding coin for childhood arcade machine years gathered.

Falling into the stair and up the stairs and landing drink unscathed.


Amounting big body big head, leaving never.

Fall apart into tiny sunglasses and Fonzy hair.

There believes, the becomes, there believes

Mostly heaven.

Bag of heals baby seals from scraped knees.

Amounting to mountain top to slide down,


Believe me, the trees thrash gently, epitomizing.

Slow Dance

Brain bed

Boob desk

Flat flat



This morning I mop my floors. And so,

with wall to wall carpeting clenched cold and wet between my toes, I press on

on the dryer, and soon my bedspread is tumbling dry to the rythem of my big toe,

the captain of the toes, tap-tap-tapping.

Dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dotting.


They laughed.

They were laughing.

Were they laughing?

People laughed.

People have been laughing.

People should laugh.

Some people are laughing.

All people must have been laughing.

The smartest people will be laughing.

Her friend is an accountant.


Step into position of accepting everything is fun all the time.

Don't be so slick, goes like this,

Be slick
Be slick


Silent face

Letting days

Going by




Sitting up now

Bottom up now

Release all money

Into blue underground


Light tapping

Open leaving group face

Being put aside to love

Realizing it needs to

To be done to fix



Move to Japan

No I'm serious

Long for small

Long way first

Spelling love


How to write wrong

Being the way in

And amounts

And real


How to write wrong

Being the way in

And amounts

And real