A float
A city
A ghost
Privy to

Lack of
Leave us

The sounds
Befall what
Ever we
Just fine
To be

Go up to
A greased
Pipe and
Lock sights
With what's
Lost from
Our view


three feet

Comb through headache scroll
Stomach ache gone, going on
Feels like this tapering flop
Never stops never stirs up
Another day is another
Sqwinched slipping
Hope happening
Grope float
Gloat cope


forget sculpture

Pure Michigan's night before today
Held cold water, which we need
We need to feel new.  Happy
To never be not me, less
Is never what I want,
No, what I need,
What I need


they say it fits

Trickery of a mind not better than a mind completely lost.

Time keeps creeping through the songs you always listen to.

This This is salvation; this This that we read I wrote is our salvation.

Hope hold love of that frontal left lobe we left in a gutter so long ago.

So long, so, so long and other tricks of talks we never wanted to have,

Yet hold out to hold tight to hold on to what we were meaning to say,

So long, so long ago.


Treat Yourself

Treat inside you as you would without you

Lettered day, forgotten day, clear gains either way
We knew you so well; were with you in what you
Said so many obvious longings long past us now

Treat inside you as you would without you

Come home while at home alone with the good
Part of burnt popcorn's shell stuck between tooth
And gum. Turn to every morning routine, night to

Treat inside you as you would without you

Know best, know more, know less than you need to.
Cream of watching what's left in your head from those
Stories of your sleep, come back, come back, come back,

Treat yourself.

New Dream

Moving Game,
Stationary dance
Stay, turn away from
Nights drifting, come
Back, come clear
Come away with means,
Not vultures, not another
Safe self skipping the good
Birds songs, the light of open
Worth in planning hope,
Planning a better gaze,
A truth not so obvious


Calm down clear sky,
Turn on the figures,
Stay with me
Stay with me
All day
All day