There I Window

Go to prison.
Go to church

Drop the Eucharist
Repent come clean

Find the money sign
Tell one to everyone

The song of myself.


Next part

Recall left to future sigh,
Here-to you know me.

Be that,
Be it.

Some sweet fallen chicken fingers

Well we were right when we said we would say nothing on the matter,

Wait, were we right when we decided and followed through on doing nothing?

Summer time shy

Sweet sweltering feast of meat and berries


I'm touching where you live

Get escape money is what I don't do do but for you, fahghettabautit

I thought we knew what we do

Get it is what we are

Love everywhere I go shut up

I need peace, love leaves me happy to be locked up

Where were we waiting,
Where were we waiting to be locked up by mistakes
We forgot held close never-lover left alone Money

Laying in

Any time we never agree to get together we have ultimate power

Bros are discriminated against even on stage they fall shy

No Bro is ever shy you know they know they ain't

Hell have you over for dinner and hip hop

Hell have me over never faceless

Foolishness held on Hard

Never am I thanks

Name of


Jack Style

Leave the all smoking streets grand

I'm a man of my love mistakes

Kissed never by roses

Ok, let us get




read this never alone ever alone as wished


ultimate reality

people who can't understand

garden floor

how one homeboy became a man

quick content contemplative eurekas

clear the foundation like it was done

you're a person



let her go

and what am I?

high and low people
in long and short hair

slow slouch

too high heels
dogs no kids
bike cops


Everpresence's Order

two apple pies and a small fries

for anything

the waste of waiting

taking over

hey we knew you would lay it out clear&clean
to take, to put it in, to feel senses as they leave

do we ever die or do we die nightly or is it us
who will will our life to fall into snug growth

still have a Shinola

car accidents and lost phones
standing tall while you slouch
satisfaction looking good time


land of heroes

Hold up held  up
Left alone joy

Belief in forgetting:
Moving forward.



Imagine in your anywhere now of perfect income and intake releases feeling out grief and leaving the levy because it was dry


but I sure

Well we'll fall
Nowhere ever


Tomorrow wouldn't be too soon

Grow me like a tree
To use by birds and men

They're clothed like the fields


sunday morning cartoons

The way others are better near some certain others

Sailing. We should be sailing not singing kids!

The right thought out difference between harmony and peace

And hey! Kids! We should see where that fits
With joy thrown in the mix, kids



I, O I
Know that
I reach out
Far as I can
& screen it
As if it were
Women's hands

How are you

Hey are you, hey, hell, how, how have you been doing

Happy birthday

We could use a limb to lose

i don't really try

Hey held-not-too-close, hold on.

That would mean a lot to slow going me.

reminder of a serene motionless motion

Strange pets in a blanket then floating three feet above a rainy curb.
Where we become phone mentors and stubble confidants
We fly higher than the biting birds in black and white we can't remember.
Hey, hell, I've had enough and you too are on a never satisfied kick.
Stream me, it is me, me to you who fits a tattered coat on a stick.
Flick and feel outside, left in the dark triumphs of sitting still,
Still despite all the odds against hair of the dog reminder.
Reminded of a forward motion's serene changlessness


Led to water

Led to water
Drink to see
Multiple eyes
dance to lights


Whispy clouds

Moving morning to the day time
Hey well we meet just perfect

TIme we were getting down
Nit grit slothful savings
Account. Well waste

None of nada,
Tell me why
You fit me

There-then recline
With me being
Me-us mind