The Difference between Joy and Happiness

This is the poem I am remembered for
To read love, to have written love
To read and write only the
Other words that help
Love connect


Wishing Is Different Than Hope

Help us
Hold us

Hell, I've dreamed of you.

You were sitting rocking in a rocking chair while I shook spiders from my shoe, telling me slowly of important things with care I wished was care-free.

Wishing is different than hope.

You had a system you weren't trying to teach me I wanted to learn and confirmed I could do like you with your waiting just when the water filled to strike assured the side of the washing-machine and close in the snake.

When I tried the snake curved more and biting quick bent more than I anticipated, thin wide triangle teeth ripping without tearing my hands, again and again.

You were god distorted by the imbedded memory of the god the humanist drunk made for his utopia


That Place We Remember Fondly

Approach us with joy and thanksgiving and song:

Sing to us our woes only in upbeat soft pitched melody as an afterthought,
Still sprinkled with serene sincere gratitude and contentment calmly rising


Help, can't we ask? Just now a little
no reasons for feelings unnamable


Now will never come again
Now I want here
I want nowhere



Start again on Monday, today
Try again today, Monday

Begin again this week
Start today, get in
A station wagon

Get product reviews save up
And drive off with news

Of the economy in
Funny words above
& below a funny
Picture & look up

Song lyrics before
Punching in a destination.

Our dog will never die,
We'll never have a beer in hell

Hell, drive off this Monday, today
Begin the week somewhere far

Away each day this week
Until where we'll be next
Week will be bright enough
For a cold strong coffee
That will outlast Any
Static place


seen out
what was I
see new
hide in
low now



A place, a day, a month, a year

Many places, many days, many months, many years

All the same; they release us, leave us where and when we want to be, need to be.

Release us, our under us, our above us, and that that is right there with us; from that that is made for us and that that is made by us; the same.

To find out the more control we have the more freedom we have. 

To find in the result of our effort or effortlessness we have what we all always wanted, needed.

In a routine, or in a flow of impulses (there has never been chaos anywhere, there will never be chaos anywhere) order can not help itself from coming through us and all that is inside our shelter, outside our shelter, even when our shelter would only be an unforgiving sky, we always find forgiveness in what we accept to give; as our each and others are always together, so our accepting and our giving are the same movement within our greater us, our greater us that has always and will always simply Be.


Sometimes We Can't Believe It

Time spending
Realizing nowhere never ends
Begins, stops, goes on about and busy

Seeds of grieving lets loose believing in no needing
Seeing a way out of nowhere feelings retrieving want not leaving

A key under the Angel, a door a part of a building named temporary home away from home

Where home, where want where not here if lost where else could we be believing in plants and animals,

Ceilings floors walls and windows revolving around our feeling comfortable means of efforts set down in a nice nook of our house

Outside leaves are turning and falling with their freshly dried smells leaving bare branches stark on the bright white-grey sky over cars parked with many parts turned off

Feelings project on it all and reflect fresh cut still-green grass, flowers, winding sidewalks and black-grey straight streets, mail boxes full of colorful semi-glossy images of sweaters and shoes

It's too early for people just yet, we hear only our morning songs of absent voices and strings strummed lightly, then rough then calm before boldly briefly fading out against bird cries calming

Softly, softly, softly
A day begins rightly


No Loss

Steady rise

Heat of the late morning

Together we can reign in
What wasn't lost but hid
Inside what wasn't yet.

Now we know it is us,
Was us, and will be
Our Now and



Serene Break-Beats

Gratitude Always
Finds Our Way


Day Time

No cloud
Yes sky



Home School House Work



Get a dog get a car call your dad and all go across your country


Brand New Socks

Going fast going slow coming to where all is ready for forgetting eventuality

Listen To Live Jazz

Awake arise recall relieve what was and what will be.

Sing this song when low when high and have belief in the never minding.

Tell Me A Story

All of us are always waiting for the arrival of what we want when the needs we have have ever presently been met but our greatest trick as we have all always known as our great asset is confusing want and need so well they are one with one another

Ghost Stories

Groups form and fall apart and their meanings linger until picked up and apart and put together to be known by new names and faces ages apart of us


Time stands so much yet it never breaks

Climbing While Reclining

The amount of recollection is paramount to our steady gaze into what willpower can gather us together for our future selves

We Have Done Right

Mistakes have never been made and though we cannot predict the future it is with certainty we know there never will be a mistake made

Absent Clouds

Calm of where to go nowhere else needed but now there is only this need but here now where else to go but would we go anywhere else since we can go anywhere while we are all one with the masses though they splinter and find us apart from where we feel likewise with our near us now where we go to go into the movement of only hands and eyes.

Hands and eyes leaving us with nowhere to go as we like it to know to be known in our splinter striking a chord between a father wanting to help a son needing but not wanting help and the illusion of independence growing inward until there is no more inward growth available and then the slow but steady outward diminishing until then there really is nothing and nowhere here and everywhere all of us are.

Going about this inside work outside we recline while standing still still but our hands and eyes know the nowhere nothing so well we mean to do what we can to find a way back into help for all of our forgotten independence surrounding us into the daylight of night time's concluding weather pleasant reflection of  a release we all feel the same time we never knew what was happening so well.

Returning to the space of our time spending where all things outside make a home in our place of rest amidst our safe labors of fruitful sloth and loss of ambition for what we know could never be better than now.




I Always Want To Feel This

We will work out our safe place

Until we know better than the others

Who repress what would be another

Expression of ourself's salvation



Low Light

We feel soft slow lack of guilt.

Should we feel any other way?

Where else would we be,

Home?  Where we know

Home, where we are our



Clear out the up-to-no-good, no,
Revive the lack of muddledness.

It's The Years

Plan for days

Swimming Good

Great escape, calm us.
We need us, know us,
Need you, knowing.

Find Your Own Meaning

Oh, that, that's where we keep leaving what we used to be alone

You Were Stuck At Home

Eat where you want to be

A Really Good Punk Recording

weather wilts growth under a pile of yet-to-be picked up newspapers


Great days ahead!

Fill space of own.

Never Loser

slow real feel
fast fake loss

Nobody Else (like you)


There are further places
We need
To be on


Pick and choose

The soul is math.



This here's the poem you always wanted.

To forget the forgive me nots, this resolves.

The dash-acceptance of every-day, forget us
Never, we know you know you have a place.



they will believe
have faith, know
that we are better
than our previous
behavior though,
previous behavior
the best indication
of future behavior

good people

good people
doing good things.

and what about us?

will we ever see out of our
places? will we ever know

anyway it's always better where
we go to know ourselves better

to better ourselves.  to find place
in time in place of where Now is

My fruit flies are drunks

My friends don't care
       they understand what I offer


Some stupid slow song

Hold on to what crooked hope you have left landing you where you amount to perfect


Text messaging

It's kinda utopia

A Good Deal

There is no cloud only clouds


She is on my bed

Why not?
Why no reasoning
Why does my dog yawn
When do we close longing

Yards. Many yards distance.

Short distinct sounds of a slow growl near howl

And where will we end up after our wine tasting,?

Replacing smells


Morning wine

Ever present gratitude


yellow and blue

Yellow & blue


Where I be living

You're always welcome here but let me know where you go if not here and I'll go there


Sam 'nd Sage

I appreciate it here more even though you're not here since you were here


you said it!

Thanks god!


thank you brother

My name is ramone but they call me Raymond



Life is fascinating
And beautiful

Guest Poem by Timothy G Makowski

Ha ok I will




Now? Is it now?
Now now, there there.
Hold close to dog

Waste of often intake,
Left hungry. Correspondence


fire up the radio

My whole life lately
Has been like the end
Of 'A Light in August'


from bird to lamb

It feels good to spend money
It feels good to spend nothing


something different

Hey well well I think we should not wait
Longing for another thing, one more



it's important to put it out there

Knowing what you want
Wanting very developed

churned thick

Waste of nothing
Wants leaving be

some other time

Guru will rule you

mutual feeling

Toes underfoot


Neighbor Love


white blue

Cinnamon in black coffee be memorial breeze
Of places I've lived the gold of living placeless
And the lives interweaving me in me then, now


I want to live

Hey! Stop.
You know. Never
Do you mind of inspect


power sanding carpeted flooring

You Can Do Anyhing You Want To Do
if You Do What You Don't Want To Do


there is no need



New day
Not yet


Lakeview August

The children are playing redemption games in the warm light of the street lights and fancy fixtured warm light lights

Their parents and grand parents join in and the cries excitement and laughter overlay with the hum of bugs, fireflies

Put it in your hands

We are right.
You are right.

We are all right.



political ideas of a
poetics of politics

Here we go

Show the flow


There I Window

Go to prison.
Go to church

Drop the Eucharist
Repent come clean

Find the money sign
Tell one to everyone

The song of myself.


Next part

Recall left to future sigh,
Here-to you know me.

Be that,
Be it.

Some sweet fallen chicken fingers

Well we were right when we said we would say nothing on the matter,

Wait, were we right when we decided and followed through on doing nothing?

Summer time shy

Sweet sweltering feast of meat and berries


I'm touching where you live

Get escape money is what I don't do do but for you, fahghettabautit

I thought we knew what we do

Get it is what we are

Love everywhere I go shut up

I need peace, love leaves me happy to be locked up

Where were we waiting,
Where were we waiting to be locked up by mistakes
We forgot held close never-lover left alone Money

Laying in

Any time we never agree to get together we have ultimate power

Bros are discriminated against even on stage they fall shy

No Bro is ever shy you know they know they ain't

Hell have you over for dinner and hip hop

Hell have me over never faceless

Foolishness held on Hard

Never am I thanks

Name of


Jack Style

Leave the all smoking streets grand

I'm a man of my love mistakes

Kissed never by roses

Ok, let us get




read this never alone ever alone as wished


ultimate reality

people who can't understand

garden floor

how one homeboy became a man

quick content contemplative eurekas

clear the foundation like it was done

you're a person



let her go

and what am I?

high and low people
in long and short hair

slow slouch

too high heels
dogs no kids
bike cops


Everpresence's Order

two apple pies and a small fries

for anything

the waste of waiting

taking over

hey we knew you would lay it out clear&clean
to take, to put it in, to feel senses as they leave

do we ever die or do we die nightly or is it us
who will will our life to fall into snug growth

still have a Shinola

car accidents and lost phones
standing tall while you slouch
satisfaction looking good time


land of heroes

Hold up held  up
Left alone joy

Belief in forgetting:
Moving forward.



Imagine in your anywhere now of perfect income and intake releases feeling out grief and leaving the levy because it was dry


but I sure

Well we'll fall
Nowhere ever


Tomorrow wouldn't be too soon

Grow me like a tree
To use by birds and men

They're clothed like the fields


sunday morning cartoons

The way others are better near some certain others

Sailing. We should be sailing not singing kids!

The right thought out difference between harmony and peace

And hey! Kids! We should see where that fits
With joy thrown in the mix, kids



I, O I
Know that
I reach out
Far as I can
& screen it
As if it were
Women's hands

How are you

Hey are you, hey, hell, how, how have you been doing

Happy birthday

We could use a limb to lose

i don't really try

Hey held-not-too-close, hold on.

That would mean a lot to slow going me.

reminder of a serene motionless motion

Strange pets in a blanket then floating three feet above a rainy curb.
Where we become phone mentors and stubble confidants
We fly higher than the biting birds in black and white we can't remember.
Hey, hell, I've had enough and you too are on a never satisfied kick.
Stream me, it is me, me to you who fits a tattered coat on a stick.
Flick and feel outside, left in the dark triumphs of sitting still,
Still despite all the odds against hair of the dog reminder.
Reminded of a forward motion's serene changlessness


Led to water

Led to water
Drink to see
Multiple eyes
dance to lights


Whispy clouds

Moving morning to the day time
Hey well we meet just perfect

TIme we were getting down
Nit grit slothful savings
Account. Well waste

None of nada,
Tell me why
You fit me

There-then recline
With me being
Me-us mind



Love me like a rock

Fifty percent aren't a danger and
Could be out

Work release

Perfectly fine.

Yea, he's in,           ('Ready wants twenty-five out')
They're out.



Wether we will or will we not as it is go.

Numerology, illuminati, train-stoppers.

We all go together two by three,
Cling to reach our light commupance,
Legit once-was-us, hell, hold away

From the flame
Sights seeing



baseball hat



This French shit man man they know they know how it's done.

What? No, I know better yeah yeah this track here


Hey hell now never mind.
I knew you of you years ago.
Fuck you. Hell I never thought


Some feeling

Held heaven closed down storefront home
Hell, give me a week.

What right do you hold in in-correction
Hell what do you and I know of us?


Matured trees' belief in the breeze
Hallways of correspondents leave



The first time you take in rightly
You turn up &you
See uniformity in a color,
Cry a lessening sadness, a
Growing clear of down,
A steady serene


i really

Hey there kids
We should be singing not writing
Hey there kids
What do we want for what we are
Slow down kids, lay low
We know you know



Cheap thrills that cost a lot

Buxom brutish beauties studying psychoanalysis

A brand new sigh balloon that doesn't sync up with your blue tooth device despite prayer


us not me

Cash take and be close to us holding us.
I know these days and forget not me.

Our door light low and high and
The between you maintained you
Happy you you as real as the
Beer triumphs the

10,000th thing
Out of us
Not me

the only day

Feel the good money thoughts slow
This news, all news, all hours in today



Cold belly
Warm body


Lies I've Told Myself

Lies I've told myself

Places of truth,
Of clean clarity to
Be in, taken
In soberly drinking
Clams clarity
Of what comes

Slow & clear

The urge to express
The needs falling
In place

Of all hope
Of places of calm
Of transit, to go

To be

In ideas and tombs
Of comforting thought

We reach together
Like the dead;
We take them
In, give them
Homes in us,
Their flow from
Us, getting at
Our same always
Goal of safe
Sense, somber
Joy, contained
In living tomes:
    In sound
    In word        & image
Movement       & interaction
With us        Apart &

Lies I've told myself

Vanity's dream world.

Of knowing no opportunity
Is ever missed;
Only the movement of
Now Is New.

Here is where we
Are & will never
Be without a here
Until the hereafter

Now being
All we know
Being now


hope of fell flat

We feel light
In our head
We ask:
Will I be
Full forevermore ever?

I've personally never asked that
Of anyone.
 Are you kidding?
Who am I to ask anyone anything ever.
   I hold my hand on my head
& lean
        Never having
Worry 'bout people's flaking off of taking
                                               Care of
Each one an other


theyre wrong if they don't like you

To go to to go on and on to turn to you who know no one but see me few far flung between you and I and us


What became becomes us
Re-muddles then clears us us
As we are
Us as us us
As we will be
Be this that remembers me


improvisational bartender




And that is that
And this is better than that

It's just this this
That is that that that is that


The late 60s

I sit huddled

As I turn inside-out thinking
Of the possibilities of blanket

Disappointed People
Tired of hanging
Outside in the
Cold comfort,
Singing distance
Knowing there
Hasn't been

The late 1960s