Do. It.
As is.

Do this,
In me for

I will"

Capture response to hold the heard instead.

Restored to.

Hold on it
Hold it
It grows..

Be thank,

In head in out.

Accept it in not you
Not you
Not you

But this


Beach, the word beach.


Adult made ready
Calling what to do
It's ok to take time

Zero helps

decide outside of here.

Recede to being better outside of here.

Question how in happens without question.

Awake, I miss moments while sleep controls like new.

Japan. Ukraine. Greece. Alabama. France and folly.

Jump in. Layer. Pause. A face inside my head more than mine.

Some birds. Maybe one bird. A cage. A tree. A reflection.

How comes. Small faces. Dogs of all sorts make smiles.

Hold me moment, pass, return, fill this time with it.

Seven appears as I complete the past

Sudden smile after daze after work after shower calm becomes as it fades and stays fast balance.

What needs done becomes clear devotion in accepting grace of the unclear gaze relief as feeling.

Listen to what needs being, feel out the fast while the rain dwindles like the stilted talks of past.

Thank the next step acceptance in the many taken in away from this here now ends to need not.

Heaven in song lyrics and death the topic of conversation after turning back to a groups talking.

The form of the formless finds it's way in the many opportunities of next text to creeks recalled.


OK uplift

Turn back to Night told not told,
Take peace in its outpourings.

I pride my self as it leads
Me together to Tomorrow
Tonight's no effort.

Lead me kind,
Lead me

Lead me clean t'gather


Nine to stop

It all comes back to me

Time spent money and went away with a gift for itself it takes to the grave day it belongs nowhere save clear hope as understood in time spent to order removed Providential Confidence's clarity in


Cold night it is not

Father absent friend, call to me in pleading repose,
Turn on the adult, back up the faith in people

People please me mr people pleaser please
Soften to raise stern till they come close,

Unboastful, unself, unmeaning saves

Me, as in am I me, am I me as I am


Tired fixed then not.

Shall we meet?

Blind, recline
In the hope
Of those


Fixing the
Gap of plan



There is this picture of this picture of completed self that realizes itself looking to its self to see if others see.

Jesus was homeless so it's ok 2 be homes cardboard sign cast in bronze on a marble bank's facade

Come now automatic exchange in no one here in the sense of senses

Collapse to rise, fall back to sleep with all wakefulness

And count on never


Own world

Things remain hold close to them in work that becomes free release intensely.

You're never not good enough, you're always good in the dark even the dark.



Today's accomplished like it was grey easy.

Lift the night! Lift light through dusk
Till day! Inside me I say,

Yet square
Spins right
Of night.

Connect, accomplish assured,
planning faith in planning.
forget about sleep,
but sleep with life.


comfort one

Start nothing right now.

Fall apart of love me.

Done all day. Wait.

Jesus. God. Mom,

I Hope home


Wile we win

Compare Instinct impulse is innate.
Brother the first was the only one.

Now amidst all brothers, compare
Turns soft Pride
in me,
I confide
In Competition,

Competition's incomplete confidence
As only embers 'bout to turn by wind
To flame
the same
Wind making oar's
Effort obsolete or
Increased, eyes

To the lightness
Of the darkness
That fills will,
Fills will so
So Wholly

We are beaten;

Wile we win.


I've got

Sleep falls victim to Fridays.
Stand tall 'till events grow,
Return grateful of it all.
Clean hope growth;
Growth of no
Loss, no