Wishing Is Different Than Hope

Help us
Hold us

Hell, I've dreamed of you.

You were sitting rocking in a rocking chair while I shook spiders from my shoe, telling me slowly of important things with care I wished was care-free.

Wishing is different than hope.

You had a system you weren't trying to teach me I wanted to learn and confirmed I could do like you with your waiting just when the water filled to strike assured the side of the washing-machine and close in the snake.

When I tried the snake curved more and biting quick bent more than I anticipated, thin wide triangle teeth ripping without tearing my hands, again and again.

You were god distorted by the imbedded memory of the god the humanist drunk made for his utopia


That Place We Remember Fondly

Approach us with joy and thanksgiving and song:

Sing to us our woes only in upbeat soft pitched melody as an afterthought,
Still sprinkled with serene sincere gratitude and contentment calmly rising


Help, can't we ask? Just now a little
no reasons for feelings unnamable


Now will never come again
Now I want here
I want nowhere



Start again on Monday, today
Try again today, Monday

Begin again this week
Start today, get in
A station wagon

Get product reviews save up
And drive off with news

Of the economy in
Funny words above
& below a funny
Picture & look up

Song lyrics before
Punching in a destination.

Our dog will never die,
We'll never have a beer in hell

Hell, drive off this Monday, today
Begin the week somewhere far

Away each day this week
Until where we'll be next
Week will be bright enough
For a cold strong coffee
That will outlast Any
Static place


seen out
what was I
see new
hide in
low now



A place, a day, a month, a year

Many places, many days, many months, many years

All the same; they release us, leave us where and when we want to be, need to be.

Release us, our under us, our above us, and that that is right there with us; from that that is made for us and that that is made by us; the same.

To find out the more control we have the more freedom we have. 

To find in the result of our effort or effortlessness we have what we all always wanted, needed.

In a routine, or in a flow of impulses (there has never been chaos anywhere, there will never be chaos anywhere) order can not help itself from coming through us and all that is inside our shelter, outside our shelter, even when our shelter would only be an unforgiving sky, we always find forgiveness in what we accept to give; as our each and others are always together, so our accepting and our giving are the same movement within our greater us, our greater us that has always and will always simply Be.


Sometimes We Can't Believe It

Time spending
Realizing nowhere never ends
Begins, stops, goes on about and busy

Seeds of grieving lets loose believing in no needing
Seeing a way out of nowhere feelings retrieving want not leaving

A key under the Angel, a door a part of a building named temporary home away from home

Where home, where want where not here if lost where else could we be believing in plants and animals,

Ceilings floors walls and windows revolving around our feeling comfortable means of efforts set down in a nice nook of our house

Outside leaves are turning and falling with their freshly dried smells leaving bare branches stark on the bright white-grey sky over cars parked with many parts turned off

Feelings project on it all and reflect fresh cut still-green grass, flowers, winding sidewalks and black-grey straight streets, mail boxes full of colorful semi-glossy images of sweaters and shoes

It's too early for people just yet, we hear only our morning songs of absent voices and strings strummed lightly, then rough then calm before boldly briefly fading out against bird cries calming

Softly, softly, softly
A day begins rightly


No Loss

Steady rise

Heat of the late morning

Together we can reign in
What wasn't lost but hid
Inside what wasn't yet.

Now we know it is us,
Was us, and will be
Our Now and



Serene Break-Beats

Gratitude Always
Finds Our Way