A place, a day, a month, a year

Many places, many days, many months, many years

All the same; they release us, leave us where and when we want to be, need to be.

Release us, our under us, our above us, and that that is right there with us; from that that is made for us and that that is made by us; the same.

To find out the more control we have the more freedom we have. 

To find in the result of our effort or effortlessness we have what we all always wanted, needed.

In a routine, or in a flow of impulses (there has never been chaos anywhere, there will never be chaos anywhere) order can not help itself from coming through us and all that is inside our shelter, outside our shelter, even when our shelter would only be an unforgiving sky, we always find forgiveness in what we accept to give; as our each and others are always together, so our accepting and our giving are the same movement within our greater us, our greater us that has always and will always simply Be.