My sheen

oohs and ahhs, la la las, sheen, my sheen, hair crimped by humidity, sheen, plastic 1000ad shields clapping when they should ting

tailored stream connect

I painted in a failing kerosene heated houses basement listening to vinyl with bodega cheap tall boys
A cheap one hitter my dad found on his apartment floor and called a one toker, what I name things and what names are given; hold them close; close as in the sun you temper with S.PELLEGRINO now,
Hearing music made by machines when we want men we knew with women to with tearing stark motion perfume a room with arms and bold breath through things they treasure and carry


Everything that has or is now happening turns sure enough into a future story
Hell, have we reached what all have always wanted?
God, I can't come to have this without reaching
What all we want to be substance stable
Dancing inward in words spoke

Should I buy a bike wheel
To hand of hand
Hang above
A house


Preaching We Don't Care

Timing the release to fit,
To fit just so, just so we realize

Drone Before Drone

Ghost of attempt,
Clear the future way,
Make do with most,
At least 49% of us are
At your footstool, breathing
Heavily while lying down,
Blanket clenched.

I know the way out of dream
I knew a better way some day
Distant. This is me. Here, here
I am, waiting for breath to slow;
Lay down beside the fire my dog fears.

What a grasp, what a grasp of what
Will be if we only did this, this, or
That that made it work out well
For the clear, for the clear Future way.


there will always be sunshine somewhere

I'm so sad I can barely type this


the sun shines fairly on brooklyn

A green ash tree that grew in Brooklyn
Will be cut down that I knew so well