Day Time

No cloud
Yes sky



Home School House Work



Get a dog get a car call your dad and all go across your country


Brand New Socks

Going fast going slow coming to where all is ready for forgetting eventuality

Listen To Live Jazz

Awake arise recall relieve what was and what will be.

Sing this song when low when high and have belief in the never minding.

Tell Me A Story

All of us are always waiting for the arrival of what we want when the needs we have have ever presently been met but our greatest trick as we have all always known as our great asset is confusing want and need so well they are one with one another

Ghost Stories

Groups form and fall apart and their meanings linger until picked up and apart and put together to be known by new names and faces ages apart of us


Time stands so much yet it never breaks

Climbing While Reclining

The amount of recollection is paramount to our steady gaze into what willpower can gather us together for our future selves

We Have Done Right

Mistakes have never been made and though we cannot predict the future it is with certainty we know there never will be a mistake made

Absent Clouds

Calm of where to go nowhere else needed but now there is only this need but here now where else to go but would we go anywhere else since we can go anywhere while we are all one with the masses though they splinter and find us apart from where we feel likewise with our near us now where we go to go into the movement of only hands and eyes.

Hands and eyes leaving us with nowhere to go as we like it to know to be known in our splinter striking a chord between a father wanting to help a son needing but not wanting help and the illusion of independence growing inward until there is no more inward growth available and then the slow but steady outward diminishing until then there really is nothing and nowhere here and everywhere all of us are.

Going about this inside work outside we recline while standing still still but our hands and eyes know the nowhere nothing so well we mean to do what we can to find a way back into help for all of our forgotten independence surrounding us into the daylight of night time's concluding weather pleasant reflection of  a release we all feel the same time we never knew what was happening so well.

Returning to the space of our time spending where all things outside make a home in our place of rest amidst our safe labors of fruitful sloth and loss of ambition for what we know could never be better than now.




I Always Want To Feel This

We will work out our safe place

Until we know better than the others

Who repress what would be another

Expression of ourself's salvation



Low Light

We feel soft slow lack of guilt.

Should we feel any other way?

Where else would we be,

Home?  Where we know

Home, where we are our



Clear out the up-to-no-good, no,
Revive the lack of muddledness.

It's The Years

Plan for days

Swimming Good

Great escape, calm us.
We need us, know us,
Need you, knowing.

Find Your Own Meaning

Oh, that, that's where we keep leaving what we used to be alone

You Were Stuck At Home

Eat where you want to be

A Really Good Punk Recording

weather wilts growth under a pile of yet-to-be picked up newspapers


Great days ahead!

Fill space of own.

Never Loser

slow real feel
fast fake loss

Nobody Else (like you)


There are further places
We need
To be on


Pick and choose

The soul is math.



This here's the poem you always wanted.

To forget the forgive me nots, this resolves.

The dash-acceptance of every-day, forget us
Never, we know you know you have a place.



they will believe
have faith, know
that we are better
than our previous
behavior though,
previous behavior
the best indication
of future behavior

good people

good people
doing good things.

and what about us?

will we ever see out of our
places? will we ever know

anyway it's always better where
we go to know ourselves better

to better ourselves.  to find place
in time in place of where Now is

My fruit flies are drunks

My friends don't care
       they understand what I offer


Some stupid slow song

Hold on to what crooked hope you have left landing you where you amount to perfect


Text messaging

It's kinda utopia

A Good Deal

There is no cloud only clouds