Absent Clouds

Calm of where to go nowhere else needed but now there is only this need but here now where else to go but would we go anywhere else since we can go anywhere while we are all one with the masses though they splinter and find us apart from where we feel likewise with our near us now where we go to go into the movement of only hands and eyes.

Hands and eyes leaving us with nowhere to go as we like it to know to be known in our splinter striking a chord between a father wanting to help a son needing but not wanting help and the illusion of independence growing inward until there is no more inward growth available and then the slow but steady outward diminishing until then there really is nothing and nowhere here and everywhere all of us are.

Going about this inside work outside we recline while standing still still but our hands and eyes know the nowhere nothing so well we mean to do what we can to find a way back into help for all of our forgotten independence surrounding us into the daylight of night time's concluding weather pleasant reflection of  a release we all feel the same time we never knew what was happening so well.

Returning to the space of our time spending where all things outside make a home in our place of rest amidst our safe labors of fruitful sloth and loss of ambition for what we know could never be better than now.