Time love

Where does love go so quickly away at times because of time? Time is where love is absent. When time enters love leaves. love time, so love can stay when time comes in. And time can house love from wherever it went.


Guest prose by Lauren Siegel

How much do you want to change on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 will be a low, and so 10 will be the highest. 0 is not here because there would be no one here to answer 0. 1 is soon to be the answer 0, so the first answer to bear meaning will be 2, but 2 is defiant, even more so than 1. If there is sadness, an answer could be 3. Answering 3 is sad because self-hatred prevents answering 4. 3 is rare and is in need of more love and attention than all of the other number answers. We must love 3. And so we really begin at 4 because they are willing to be 5 but are afraid to be 5 because 4 thinks 5 means commitment even though 4 has more courage than 5. 4 has wants. The answer 4 can breathe. And so a 4 really does mean 5, and 5 really does mean 4. The answer 5 is not the answer 5, instead it is 4 or 6. 5 is not real. The answer 5 is either a courageous 4 or a ready 6. 6 is ready for love and is the answer that needs the second most amount of love as 3. 6 is a 3 that is ready for love. And will most likely receive it. After 6 is naturally 7, but it is not as natural as one may think because 7 begins a new story of numbers. 7 is as honest and noble as any number can wish to be. 7 is the savior of answers because it births the possibility of fluidity within its honesty. If one can answer 7, they are the only answer that can also answer 1 or 2 or 3,4,5, or 6. 7 can even answer 8,9, and 10 if they want! 7 is calm. 7 is happy. An answer of 8 bears some of these qualities, and so we accept them. Finally, trust is in the answer 9. We love 9 because we believe in 9. We only can believe in 9 because the answer was not 10. The answer 10 tells us nothing, even though it wants to. 10 is just a 1 and a 0 together.


Come in now

This is the beginning begging for fail-safe

We come together despite harsh soft words

Meals made best after trauma makes rest


Made for it

What isn't love


What will we wear after so many days count out to tomorrow

And the week ahead of no end will bring new insight

And all will be better because of the words

And after five days I will return

To become better yet

Better till best



A sound next to a belief where both go in and out.
And the sound must be moved by the belief,
and the belief by the sound, and
both by the best between.

God together, or god alone? Both.
Held together by past facility for
precision's return alone.

Not thinking about negative theology will fill frayed connections with wabi-sabi.

Mother-me-father, guide all together through analytical unconditional forgiveness.
this in The future after, earth of our beginning, efforts eventual bounty.

the sound belief makes pierces the best between

mom and dad and releases all in all.