two brothers apart

I hold on
that's what they say I should do

get things done.
make a list.
they say that too.
read. write. make and celebrate sad together
get nothing done
write no list

with us, for us and through us

the inner circle

yet to be
there you don't have
it will fulfil

to help the poor
to love the poor
to be poor
to not want need

together we band together making sure all who are with us are self reliant
giving nothing unless we also give resentment and why would we want it

any other way?


ancient roman standard


arrive to a lack of all things and non things and people lack, people lack it but have hope.

what is hope? do they have it?  will I steal it from their eyes?

in its absence I feel invincible, slow, steady, assured and accepting all.

that there may never be true hope, that 'abandon all hope ye who enter here' may have no meaning yet.

we don't care.  look about yourself, look hard, look close:  no one knows what a care ever was but know now that they may never be whole lest they get that last drink, lest they get that never kiss,
hoping slow
that someone they meet will open their arms and call them,


come here to me! I want you, you for all you will ever be or fail to be,
it is only the stretching of now that matters and now I call to you,
open armed, full of endless happy hopes to be fulfilled
imagine me imperfect in a mess of sheets whispering your
name after I know you've left to spread your abilities over the earth

we sit slow, fill what we have, anxiously anticipating its inevitable lack,

yet we somehow have homes and ways to relax.

what I will accept

gradually it leaves me
I hold each drop as it
cool beneath me it passes
we feel things, we know things,
and it calms, it calms us late night
lacking into a slow silent sad singing
singing for hope abundant refreshed, or
no hope, free of hopes chance failure,
and with it a cool comfort in what
is or isn't now.  now I know we
have a place to go to, a place
in people a place in bread
a place to wear down
our weary heart bed

I know no there is no one to be in here now to hold to
and dreams wait to swim off

and the inevitable breeze of the future path keeps me
steadily accepting rationing waiting correct,

no remorse.
no reason for remorse


i owe jeff koons around three hundred dollars



need nothing
want everything


want nothing
need everything

scrap metal

dissolved to time yet to take us to the place we know we will know us as us, us as we are

they've got it figured out

broken telepathic kids tell stories of what we never did


no yes, no no
only space

will there be

go on until there wakes someplace other than the dream while sitting up for anything, down for anything but the to-and-fro of this absent security saving itself from knowing itself

the truth

there is no way but up, down, forward and backward because that will always be the escape we find inconsistently extended to steady now up, now down, now backward, now forward


wait never knowing that never known place where dream flings bright sky together broken but warm

wish we were us

this is what we will do:
turn to no one, turn off
the night, keep going
nowhere for the sake
of this comfort of
now's remoteness

shake them

cheer up absent friend
hold them inside in place
in place of their being there

the long road

stationary vibration
salvation nation
flippant disguise me so i know how to not exist while always existing for Nothing's sake alone

waste of want

the no home come home where home of us dad
to fall in place with what could have been never asked
artificial laughter of the going nowhere but knowing you can't stay
cares come clean to themselves as emotionally absent,
while the word stops turning inside the night sky



misguided circumstances
reveling beneath sky
belief in recall
future present
holding OK
feeling OK
just OK

all of us now

coffee simple tree


cold hands
cold weather
warm thoughts
of us and