Lies I've Told Myself

Lies I've told myself

Places of truth,
Of clean clarity to
Be in, taken
In soberly drinking
Clams clarity
Of what comes

Slow & clear

The urge to express
The needs falling
In place

Of all hope
Of places of calm
Of transit, to go

To be

In ideas and tombs
Of comforting thought

We reach together
Like the dead;
We take them
In, give them
Homes in us,
Their flow from
Us, getting at
Our same always
Goal of safe
Sense, somber
Joy, contained
In living tomes:
    In sound
    In word        & image
Movement       & interaction
With us        Apart &

Lies I've told myself

Vanity's dream world.

Of knowing no opportunity
Is ever missed;
Only the movement of
Now Is New.

Here is where we
Are & will never
Be without a here
Until the hereafter

Now being
All we know
Being now