This first

Come to me

Club last chance

Mass, form, feel good.

What isn't good? I ask for it.

The calm comes against no need,
And I repeat music plans that fit.

The scatter asks for focus orders

I try
To hear
Right, just

On time it wills
This answer in out
Side pouring light
Touch of material,

Of shape guiding
Letters of words,

Letters hand to
Hand to mouth
To soft rectagle
That sends and

Saves, seeking in it
For what it through
Air expresses from
Unknown to heard,

To a road, to an island,
To a providential sight

Inheritance of all earths;
Meaning mistakes made
Movement in and out in
Accord of acceptance in
Wisdoms of for all in all

Answers asked into O, O,
Come back in mechanic
Of all this personable
In lack of persons

Tours sound,
Light, me,