oh good

I can look at pictures
I can look at myself,

with long forgotten
dreams of places
we never knew
existed because
they never did
and never will

the order is
now we
know I
better than
I was now.

I can hold on
I can hold onto
my phone, and
what we might
be we being me
and me with an
an an unknown
you seeking me
to find me looking
good being good being
prosperous in now now
now we know you don't
exist otherwise than my
needing another day another
moment of now replacing now

upbeat song

sad song solo song
that fills feeling content
in feeling feelings for a
change looking for change
feeling the inside of practical

you know
you know me

you know.

like us
like me

I like you
who turns
away from
beds left unmade in the daylight to return to unmade in the night

it's a combination of things, it's the belief in alarm clocks sounds
I don't know better than my knowledge of now there here you